Love Picture

And yet another one of the series in which I try to flesh out my individual galleries. This time it's the antagonist of the story, Aphrodite. I still think it's funny that she's the villain, considering typically, Aphrodite isn't really a terrible goddess. She's the goddess of love, after all, and the worst she's really done is cheat on his husband a lot because she hates him. But she's the one who hates Psyche, first because people claimed she was more beautiful than her, and then because she hurt her favorite son.

Of course, despite the fact that she forgave Psyche after she proved her love for Eros, she still hates the reincarnations of the girl. Mostly because the original Psyche broke her son's heart when she decided to go into the reincarnation cycle without telling him. Which makes sense as to why she hates her, but considering that the current Psyche isn't displaying the normal attributes of the other reincarnations, you'd think that'd be enough for Aphrodite to take a step back and consider the situation. But of course not; she's a goddess, after all, and if she wants to be pissed at someone, it's certainly within her rights.

I do have to say that I love this version of her, and I love drawing it. It's just so ~*~pretty~*~. Which, of course, is what it's supposed to be. I tweek it slightly from the original design, having it fall to either side rather than asymmetrically. It suits her better, I think. Still love her hair, though.

And the pearl is mostly because ~callisto-chan added it to her Circle Portrait, and I couldn't think of what to have her doing. So she's holding her pearl. She's going to do nasty things with that pearl, and Psyche'll never see it coming. Because it's a freaking pearl, for God's sake.
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