The Doodles That Time Forgot Picture

Some of the many doodles in my math notebook.

1. Creepiest thing I didn't know I drew. What is that.
2. Ariel is so freakin' thin. So I drew a fat mermaid. I was on a mermaid kick.
3. Another mermaid. First one I ever drew, it's Japanese. And doesn't have a face? Okay.
4. Self axplanatory. Moon and stars.
5. Yet another mermaid. She's a ginger!
6. I need to learn to draw better eyes....
7. Sir Fluffington Post, Nyan cats English cousin!
8. She's sort of punk, but I haven't named her yet. I think I'll name her Psyche, like in mythology, with the ee sound at the end.
9. My second drawing of Selene, full body with her huntress things. She lives in the forest with her pet rabbit. She's names after Artemis, the huntress goddess in mythology.
10. A horse made out of a wave, kind of an homage to Poseidon's creating horses from the sea in mythology. Okay, 3rd mythology thing, I know, but no, I don't believe in it. we've just been studying it in school lately and it kind o stuck in my mind.
11. My first drawing of Selene, her bathing in a lake.
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