Cupid in-love Picture

A draft. then I suddenly wanted to published it. I also typed some of the dialogs in paint because it wasn't readable.

"Eros" should be his name because it is the greek name (cupid is the roman name) but "Cupid" is more eye catching.

The girl whom Cupid is in-love with is named Psyche. Aphrodite is so much jealous of her because of her beauty so she asked her son Cupid (Eros) to make her fall in-love with a beast. For the whole story,click here.

BTW, it's Hephaestus not Haphaestus, sorry.
He is Aphrodite's real husband. Ares is Cupid's father. Aphrodite had an affair (not only with him but also with other gods and mortals. Can't help it being the goddesses of love and sexual desire, eh ?). Aphrodite is known to have tricked his husband that her sons are his sons but they really aren't.

Also, sorry for my bad English (like wrong grammars or etc.).
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