Forsaken Picture

I'm really hesitant about posting my writings up here. I don't write as much as I draw and I am certainly not talented with words. Basically, all my stories are really bad. However, a few people have expressed a desire to read them (why, I would not know). I'm posting this one to see how it is recieved.

This particular piece was a project for my mythology class. I chose to describe a scene from the story of a Greek hero. Originally, I had planned to write about Cupid and Psyche but life threw me one of its little twists. I went, "screw cutesy and happy love. I'll write about Medea, at least I know how she felt." Funny how there are so many parallels between our situations (... minus the children and the magic). Nothing like drawing inspiration from real life. Let's just say that this piece was very theraputic for me.

For those unfamiliar with the Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts, the summary of the original myth can be found here [link] or here (for the version with pictures) [link] .
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