Memory Picture

For some reason dA is showing the whole thing in italics. And no I didn't screw up the coding. I've looked through it seven times for the open tag and they're all closed, so tell me that's the problem.
So this is just a short story I came up with while walking home from school yesterday. Its really depressing I know. But I really like how it came out. If you're wondering just what's up with the character's and why three of the four named have names of goddess's from ancient Greek and Roman mythology just ask.

Gado was named by my friend Kyo. Cause I absolutely suck and coming up with names and they tend to take the largest amount of my time to name them all. Shivani came from absolutely nowhere. And yes Artemis did have MPD or Multiple Personality Disorder. And because of her powers the disorder manifests itself in changing the color of her eyes.

Juno, Aphrodite, Psyche (wasn't mentioned), Artemis, and Persephone (also not mentioned) are quintuplets. They are characters from a new series I'm planning and I thought I'd give some of them a test run in this little short story that either may or may not turn out to be the first chapter of the story still without a title.

If you couldn't tell the italics were used to show that you were in present time and the normal font is to show that your in a memory. A little backwards but that's how I wrote it this time. The spells were written italics in the memory to put emphasis on their importance.

Well I hope you enjoyed.
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