Josiah Jaggitty the Wendigo Revamped App Tw: Abuse Picture


Name: Josiah Hart

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 17
Height: 5''3
weight: 100lbs (Varies)
Birthday: January 5th
Hair color: Gingery Orange
Eye color: Bichromatic-one black one blue

Sexual orientation: Straight (And startled)
Family members: Step parents, Enstranged Mother, Missing biological Father, deceased 'father friend' and deceased younger sister
Mate/partner: None, but intrested in someone
Responsibilities or jobs: Study case at Parkwood Psyatric hospital, Student


Name: Jaggity

Gender: Male
Species: Wendigo
Age: Unknown
Height: 7ft
weight: 190lbs
Hair color: Moldy yellow fur
Eye color: Black-no pupils
Sexual orientation: Straight, but highly indiffrent
Mate/partner: Ignis
Responsibilities or jobs: Killing, Hunting or Eating anything stupid enough to roam into his woods.


Character's past:
Link to Full bio-(Tw: abuse, violence, drugs, bad things, VERY BAD THINGS.)

Thru out the course of Josiah's life, he has had an exceptionally difficult family life involving a absent bilogical father and a neglegant mother whom spent most of her time partying and didn't remember his name half the time. His mother eventually hooked up with a highschool dropout named Gaberial and he gained a new little sister named Libby. Gaberial was one of his mother's many lovers that hung around and actually had feelings for the children he 'adopted'. His mother was eventually admitted into a local asylum after a breakdown and long course of depression and Gaberial went missing and was found dead several days later.

Josiah and Libby were removed from their housing and place into a loving couple's home who couldn't have children. As happy as they were, Josiah's psyche slowly began to slip. His step parents took him to a doctor and he was diagnosed as a Paranoid hallucinatory schizopranic. Unable to do anything, they simply had to make the choice between filling him full of expermental medication or watch him slip into his own world of fantasy and reality-they chose the latter. Mainly because Libby's constant presence in his life grounded him enough to outweigh the schizoprania and the bullying at school.

Libby was kidnapped later that year and was found dead. After seeing his sister dead-what little remained of his psyche, he offically snapped into a jittery skittish paranoid mess. He eventually did have a breakdown and outburst at school and attacked one of his provokers in a fit of rage when he made a joke about his dead sister. Josiah was then later admitted to a local live in psychological hospital.

Character's present state:

Josiah now lives twenty four seven in psyatric hospital called Parkwood, mainly because he's the only schizoprania case they can monitor within several miles. He doesn't talk much to his step parents, though they seem to love him enough to continue to send him allowances and attempt to show him warm affections. Most of his hospital bills are paid by the state because he's such a unique case. On his better days, he is capable of attending school-but days when he's badly anxiety ridden and can barely step out of his room, he takes online classes on the internet.
He still vividly hallucinates-mainly colors and things that aren't there-but specifically, he claims he's being stalked by his little sister's imaginary friend, Jaggity and often refers to one of the more hostile voices in his head as Jaggity.

Their personality:

Josiah as a whole is a very gentle and skittish individual. His past makes him jittery around loud noises and violence-he's a flight kind of person rather than fight. Prior his sister's death-he was a bright and increadibly friendly child. His personality has introverted in worse ways since then-he tends to become listless and depressed at times. He often shows the wrong emotions for the wrong situations. He has a very shy disposition and is rather quiet. Although he enjoys meeting new people and finds any form of social contact to be a rather wonderful thing-he almost always immediatly cuts them off beacuse his brain literally keeps telling him that they hate him-he often frequently asks the question 'Do you hate me?' to everyone, even Jaynette. He's increadibly sensitive about people touching him, espeically if they're strangers. He's always constantly wearing a hoodie of sorts because when he was young, his mother cut up his arm one night with a razor and he doesn't like people seeing the scars and he often bandages them up so people won't think he hurts himself. He's honestly terrified at the mere thought of death. Josiah is actually rather smart and increadibly artistic. He was inspired at the knowlage that a schizopranic had made increadibly beautiful surreal art and he aspires to the same-his room/apartment is literally covered in murals and paintings. His organization skills aren't exactly top notch, but he seems to know where everything is.



Having Good Days

The Nice Nurses that give him cookies at the hospital


Small non dangerous animals


Libby's red cloak (He basically cacoons in it when he's nervous)

Jaynette when she comes and visits and they watch movies and do cool best friend things.

Rinny, if he can ever get the nerve to stop being so shy around her.

Dream catchers (He has an odd fondness for making them and several decorate his room)


Cats (Josiah is literally and pyshically terrified of them because of Jaggity)

Older Men

The smell of Kerosene

Bathtubs (his sister was found dead in one and a hysterical religous manic nurse tried to kill him twice in one. His record with bathtubs often make him go three days without bathing.)



Himeslf to some extent.


His hallucinations.

Religous Manics

Relationships outside of dream realm:

Josiah was introduced to Jaynette Frost by one of his better therapists. He was hesistant at first because of Jaynette's exitable nature, but slowly began to accept that the love and friendship she offered was indeed real. She is now his closest and best friend.

Josiah isn't sure how he feels about Rinny whom he met at a Halloween party. It's almost an odd mixture of the dangerous cocktail of curiosity, fear and the horrible human disease called romantic attraction he has for her. He would love to have her for a girlfriend-it would be a nice experience for him-but only if his brain stops telling him that she hates him for ten minutes. The mere idea of sex terrifies him, but Rinny appeals to him in other ways than physical. He's sorta driven between asking her out or curling up in a ball and convincing himself it's the drugs talking.

Josiah met Dante not too long ago-although they are nearly the same age, Josiah is highly wary of him like he is off all people who share his gender. Dante however proves to be of admirable virtue and Josiah has gotten to the point where he can talk around him. He also met Dante's fiancee Nena who helped him calm down during one of his attacks.

He once had a pleasent conversation with a quiet girl named Nia....


Reason behind dream form:

When Libby was still very small, she made up an imaginary friend to play with while Josiah was at school or having some of his alone time. His name was 'Jaggles' and he was a large friendly cat who would play with her and have tea and do all sorts of fun things. When Libby first began dreaming-she was terrified because Jaggles wasn't there, So Josiah took on the form of the friend she loved and trusted and became Jaggles.

As Josiah's schizoprania worsened over time-the stories that his 'Friend-Father' Gaberial would tell him and Libby began to blend. Specifically the story of the blood thirsty wendigo-cannibal spirits of the winter that would stop at nothing for their hunger was insatiable. After Libby died-the story and Jaggles blurred into a horrendous mess that is now known only as Jaggity.

Character's present state:

Jaggity is still a literal mess. His schizoprania hasn't gotten any better and he feels like he's in some sort of stalemate in this tar and knife filled form. When Libby showed up dead-he literally cut out his heart during one of his 'trip outs' with his own claws so he wouldn't feel the pain of losing her anymore. Biology still slightly applies in the dreamworld-a lobotomy would have worked better. Now Jaggity roams his forest and often the dreamworld, starved and hungry for blood-bleeding out coal tar from the void of his heart. Some say he searches for his heart which he trashed so long ago-others think he's simply seeking out a new heart to replace his old one. Jaggity spends most of his time alone-but is often seen with the Priestess Oshun and is in frequent company with Ignis the Crow Woman whom he has formed a rather loving and trusting relationship with mainly based on flowers and akward hand holding. And her petting his head and him making purry cat noises.
Although there has been a recent following of Nekomanta's migrating thru his woods who apparently believe Jaggity is some sort of large alpha Nekomanta.

Their personality:

Jaggity's personality is split as thin as hairs on a razor. His schizoprania makes him both quick to temper and to cry-overly emotional is one word for it, not emotional enough at sometimes. He immediatly comes off when he's not trying to stab you for food or run you off as a very angry bitter cat. He isn't capable of truely trusting people, and to give out his love, faith and trust to someone takes increadible amounts of work with him-Oshun has just now got him used to having her around. He'll tolerate people-and that's usually can be easily mistaken for friendship-but with work and effort, you can become his friend. He has his good days and his bad days. His good days, he seems almost normal-he doesn't seem to have the urge to snap at people or eat them on the most part. He seems to try to avoid attacking women-mainly because of his high respect for them cuturally (Most native american folklore, women were highly respected and in some points feared for the right reasons) and most likely his odd shyness twords them.

Likes and Dislikes:

The first and formost thing that Jaggity loves is eating. Eating gives him pleasure-satisfaction. It makes him feel whole again even for a little while and like he's almost filled the void. Jaggity also takes pleasure in the kill-it's an act he doesn't really have to use his broken brain to commit the act. He also seems to like flowers for some reason-specifically Europhinans; a speacil type of rainbow flower that only grows in his woods that can act like drugs of sort when you breathe in the pollen-when he's all hysterical and Nightmared out, if he can stumble his way back, he can calm down in one of the five fields of the speacil plants in his woods. It's one of his secret pleasures-but Jaggity does occasionally sing. Most of the time it's humming, but when he's alone or scared he often sings out loud to himself-mainly songs Oshun sings to him when he's all fucked over in Nightmare form. Ignis is also on his like list. He reveres her culturally and romanticlly-he's sorta mentally put her on a pedastal and she has been the only one to witness him becoming a fantasy since the death of his sister.

One of the many things Jaggity dislikes is when someone gets between him and his next meal.

Jaggity instinctively loathes the male gender-he'll be tolerant of most guys-but the older the male dreamer is, the more hostile he becomes twords them, on the point of bloodthirsty. He's gentler twords the female varity-at times almost shy. But his hunger doesn't descriminate because food is food-regardless of the sex.

Relationships outside of reality:

IgNIS ignis ignis ignis ignis ignis ignis ignis ignis. He's basically Ignis-sexual. He adores and loves his beautiful purply crow goddess of flowers and she's everything shiny and sparkly in his odd tar and knife bladed existance. He often refers to her as Andanvdo-which is Cherokee for 'Great Spirit'; The Crow being one of the many spirit animals in their mythology and reveres her both as a god, a gaurdian and the princess of his missing tar coated heart.

Oshun is his 'best friend'. But she also acts as his mediator, his therapist, his soosh-papper, his balance and basically his Keeper. She understands that he's sick and most of the things he does he doesn't understand or can help and she loves him regardless of what he says or does to her and in return, he's given her most of his faith and Trust.

The Amphibnia is one of his 'cat comrades'. To be 100% honest, she probably just blends in with his Nekomanta crowd so well, he doesn't really notice.

He met Cleo once exploring the desert- or the 'fucking big litter box' as he calls it. He has to say, he enjoys basically being lovingly worshipped by someone who isn't a smaller cat.

Eddy is a rabbit Jaggity met once in a maze. Eddy is not loved or tolerated. Jaggity just sorta observes him with the status of a bush. 'There but not much use'

Nightshade is tolerated, accepted and understood as someone with similar problems as he and Jaggity has deemed him worthy of the 'do not eat' list.

Issac is barely tolerated due to the fact he accidently struck Oshun with his blade during one of their skirmishes. Anyone who injures his Priestess is instantly viewed as a threat.

Jaggity despises Devon. No reason. He's just really dislikeable. And he's always stealing from his flower fields.

Blood Raven is oddly instinctivly loathed by Jaggity culturally despite her friendly advances twords him. In one story-it is the daughter red bird's death who brought on darkness and all wickedness. And in that odd logic-Jaggity blames Blood Raven for letting such a horrible creature as himself exist.

Ivan is one of Jaggity's nemsises. The fairy boy stands for light and purity while Jaggity is full of corruption and rather poor judgement. They constantly bicker and argue-espeically about Ivan's mentor, Owl whom Jaggity is completely disgusted with.

What bad things happen when they spawn a nightmare? Why?

The coal tar that seems to run thru Jaggity's veins simply overflows. Every poisonous thought he's had about himself-every bit of surreal expeirences he's ever had just takes on in the personification of the coal tar. He becomes what he fears-what Hollywood and sterotypes say that Schizopranics are: mindless insane monsters. He cannot differ between ally and foe-and even if he can, the need to feed his starved Wendigo body is too great over the bonds of friendship. He reeks of Kerosene and he attracts numerous Glow flies around his body. The tar is thick and sticky and it feels like burning acid when it hits your skin.

What good things happen when they spawn a fantasy? Why?

When Jaggity becomes a fantasy-he's finally the one thing he's always and only ever wanted to be: Normal. He doesn't destroy himself or anyone with his butcher blade claws, he doesn't feel contaminated or polluted with the coal tar. His pupils return to his once blank and sunken in eyes and his form thickens out-more meat and fluff and less bone and gristle. He can't really hurt anyone like this because he doesn't want to-he never wanted to. He becomes like this when he feels that he's truely loved, like someone has truely done him a willingly good kindness twords him that he's capable of recognizing-the tar will stop leaking from his eyes and body and once he washes up-he goes floof!


Sentient nightmares best associated with character: Majorly, Nekomantas tend to flock around him like lost sheep. But he usually spawns Worry Rots and Paranomas. The occasional Glookslap when he's severely upsetted.

Character home area plates and domains: Jaggity lives in the Forest of Signs. Once a beautiful and vibrant forest of color and beautiful purity-it has become dead and corrupt since the day his most beloved sister was slaughtered. It's almost a mirror of how his mind works-the signs representing the numerous voices constantly screaming or making snarky comments in his head-the forest seems to be a part of Jaggity emotionally and mentally. He lives under a large tree in the heart of the forest in a den at the base of the roots.

Tamed nightmare applications: Saloli the fancy little fox thing. Jaggity doesn't see much of the little fox-but it seems to know when to show up when Jaggity needs him.

Nightmare Form

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