In Death's Embrace - Hedone and Thanatos Picture

Hedone, daughter of Eros and Psyche, was tricked into drinking water from the River Lethe, and exiled from Olympus by a jealous rival. Stuck on the mortal plane with no memory of who she was, she became the strangely eccentric enigmatic Lucy, a beautiful, dainty creature known for her beauty and baking skills alike. Grief stricken at the loss of a friend, Lucy was tricked again, and found herself stuck in Limbo, unable to escape until the god of Death, Thanatos, found her at the request of a friend. Falling instantly in love with her and unaware of her nature, he risk himself to bring her back and make her whole, and was punished by Hades, to have his heart ripped out every morning at dawn, leaving he and Lucy only an hour or two a night to be together, while his heart was healed.

Heartbroken, Lucy sought to discover her nature once and for all, and discovered that she was in fact a lost goddess. Summoning her father Eros, she was left in suspense for several days wondering if it would change anything. Finally, one day, Thanatos showed up, whole and healed, with the news that her parents had ordered Hades lift the curse, and allow their daughter, the Goddess of Pleasure, Enjoyment and Delight, to have her love back.

And thus is the story of how Lucy, the beautiful, Ethereal redhead, who is really an amnesiac goddess, met Thanatos, the God of Death.

Poser Pro 2014, Corel PSPx3
A whole mess of things, DM set, Lucy done by me, Sea Nymph hair, Demon Wings, lots of textures, a skydome...I can't remember it all.
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