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I discovered Greek mythology at about 8 years old. It changed my life. Yes, I am a pagan, but I'm more than that. I'm a folklore nut.

Sometimes I'm frustrated by the conversation people have about where things come from, "intellectual property", etc., etc., etc. regarding fictional beings - Suchandso stole the idea for Thingy from Whosit. From where I stand, when you're talking about dwarves, elves and "standard fantasy setting", you're talking about folklore. It doesn't belong to anyone.

Suchandso may have been inspired by Whosit, but Whosit was inspired by someone else, who was probably inspired by Tolkein, who liberally pilfered folklore from every European country he could. And their folklore was often influenced by the folklore of other nations, and the mythologies of past civilizations, ad naseum.

The proof of the power of this folklore is that Suchandso, whoever they might be for you, are still using it at all. It's deep in the human psyche and these creatures still have meaning for us. A few thousand years later, we still read books, watch movies, play games and tell stories about elves, dwarves, fairies and gnomes.

That shit doesn't belong to anyone. It's just out there. That's what I was thinking about when I did this.

Largely inspired by this:

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