Love, Life, and Bears Picture

When ~callisto-chan and I decided to change our stories for NaNo so that we could make it somewhat similar to each other, as well as ~anijel's story, I knew we had a to a specific series of pictures. The first one was the collab that we did. The second one, this one, is my solo picture featuring the girls in a magical girl uniform, specifically mine, because I felt like it. >.>

I actually asked ~anijel which she would prefer, my original uniform, or a senshi uniform, and she said mine because of the pretty frills. Can't argue with that logic!

Calista is Spirit Toleris, which means bear in Latin. (I was going to do Canis before I realized that Canus is Greek). Her myth involves her becoming a bear, being hunted and shot by her son, and then made into Canus Major (and her son Canus Minor). So it seemed fitting to name her after the bear. Her colors are silver, thanks to the fact that ~callisto-chan keeps mentioning her with a silver arrow, and blue for the night sky (and because her creator's obsessed). I was going to have her holding a bow, but I couldn't get it to look right. Her bodice decoration is straps like we sometimes see with woman holding their togas up, I guess.

Allura is Spirit Vitus, which means life in Latin. She gets that name because that's what ~anijel told me (that or death, but I liked life better). makes me twice as curious about her story now. >.> She was going to have purple and yellow as her main colors, but ~anijel wanted it all purple (because she's obsessed as well), and when I put these two colors together, it just...worked. Plus, I think purple could be associated with life, so...there you go. Her bodice decoration is supposed to look like a corset, since ~anijel said that's one aspect of the uniform she liked.

Psyche is Spirit Amoris, which means love in Latin. She was going to be Spirit, since that's what he name means, but there's only one word for spirit in the translator I use, and I'm using it already. And since she ends up with the God of Love, Amoris it is! Naturally, her colors are pink and red, because that's stereotypical, I guess. And of course, she has her arrow. >.< Her uniform is supposed to sort of look like a toga, but I'm not sure if I pulled it off well. Looks neat, anyway.

I've been fighting this one for a while, and finally found some poses that worked/looked good. >.O I'm sort of mad, since I really like Calista's pose and uniform, and tried to steal it since the toga idea would work for her as well...but failed. It's still cute, though. I really like Pysche's hair now, even if it looks like it's got a lot going on. It's still pretty. But, to me, Calista steals the show.
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