ID: summon persona! Picture

thats it, i love this model too much. my Velvet room model is now my self model. anywho, i was greatly dissatisfied with the last "persona" designs for myself, so i decided to make a new one based on a convorsation a friend of mine and i had, where he dubbed me "Iron Butterfly" for a few reasons. in any case, this persona is based on that nickname. shes called Psyche, after the universal concept the Butterfly=soul (as far as i can tell, Psyche is greek for butterfly and soul) i thought it would be interesting to makke a persona based on a mythological concept rather than a specifc person or character. roll credits! (for Psyche)

hair by MMDFakewings18 and Anna-chama
outfit/swords by False-prophetess
wings by MMDFakewings18

credits for Velvet Room Erynn
card by smartanimegirl
book by absentwhite

pose credit to original owner, as i cant figure out where it came from
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