Pin 103- Jupiter of the Monkey Picture

Brand: Jupiter of the Monkey
Psych: Resonance JM
Info: Increases the Attack of any Jupiter of the Monkey pins Neku is wearing.

Enemy Drop: Neoclassical Drake (Hard)

Jupiter of the Monkey (also J of the M) represents the Monkey in the Chinese Zodiac. The name of the brand may also be based off the Japanese language of the Monkey King, as Jupiter was the ruler of the gods in Roman mythology or a reference to the game's co-creator, Jupiter.

The brand's style is that of modern urban and sporty clothing, featuring zip-up parkas, loose fitting jeans, and high top sneakers. Stripes and names based off of Japanese legends and mythology are a common theme in Jupiter of the Monkey's designs, and nearly all their clothes and accessories are blue or orange.

Jupiter of the Monkey's pins are mostly Positive psychs involving tapping or slashing enemies. Most of the Jupiter of the Monkey pin's are named after Japanese katana.
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