my old space Picture

All right! This is kinda a test to see how long it takes for me to upload something with dial up XD And because I wanted to show some people where I used to draw (it has moved since then... but just to the other side of my room XD

And as an extra! Sora! In her normal spot on my bed (which makes it difficult to sleep at night TT____TT she'll move a little bit and suddenly there is no room for moving around... evil little creature)

So yes, my workspace XD and a date! lol forgot about that thing... oh well XD

All right, my laptop... a Dell M1530. And I still remember what I was working on! A Yu-Gi-Oh crossover, a chapter of my Kaito KidxDetective ConanxArtemis Fowl crossover, a random original story...

On the right you will find my collection of markers! Prisma and Copic~

on the left -> Random sketches, drawings, my tablet, my scanner, chapstick (which is missing), pencil case, wires...

in the back! a Mythology book, DNAngel volume 4, Detective Conan volume 1, Psych season 2 I think, 2 Artemis Fowl books and Vampire Knight volume 4.

My computer is sorta kinda hiding my collection of other games and dvds (that I could find XD)

And then my bed, my kitten, my trash can, window, birthday present from Kat (tis the squirrel head on my headboard), headboard and things on my headboard XD

tada, my workspace (nothing has really changed except I have a Gundam model on my scanner now as well, Thanks again Katreal!)

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