Echo and Narcissus Picture

So cranking out work for cg class fast isn’t going as fast as it needs to be…(been working on one for over almost two weeks now and Im not happy with it) so I came up with something I could do quickly, and when my cg teacher gets on my case about working on the same damn project for the 8th day in a row I can be like “oh but I just finished another project at home~” and then he’d be like, “that’s great, now how about your homework that was due Wednesday?” “…about that….”

When someone can give me an idea for what to do with the theme of ‘food and its consumption’ I’ll get started on my homework.


I will continue to freak out over being behind on my 12 theme pieces for my AP portfolio.

So here is #3!

Echo and Narcissus although Narcissus isn’t actually in this picture
So we all know the story of the guy who fell in love with his reflection, right? I don’t need to get into that? Good. The other half of that myth however, involving Echo, I didn’t know about until I read the story.


Echo is a girl who likes to talk, she could talk for hours on end, and (in one of the stories I came across) zeus was trying to court a lady and didn’t want Hera (his wife) to know about it. So while Heras ‘zeus is cheating on me again’ senses are tingling and shes out looking for him, Echo comes along as a distraction and will not stop talking. So Hera be pissed and makes it so Echo can only repeat what she’s heard, and can never start a conversation. Bummer. And then the lovely Narcissus comes along one day and goes gaga over him, and when she approaches hes like (referenced in the picture above) “Leave me alone, I don’t want you, I want someone more beautiful” and Echo can only repeat what he says. Which only irritates him. So he goes to look at his reflection then dies. (a jolly story)

That was a really long nutshell….what ever no one really reads these do they

Now back to Eros and Psyche…..which looks awful but once you’ve spent over two weeks on something it’s a pretty big shame to just pitch it, and besides thats 12 hours of my life im never gonna back.
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