Silvira Human Ref Picture


her final design, and officual reference sheet for her human form.

She is 19 years of age, has purple hair that flows to the middle of her back, and she is gifted with the ability to change her shape into a large dragon. As you all know, Silvy here is my oldest OC, and I'm finally dragging hr out of the naruto scene and giving her her own universe- The DCmM universe. Now, throwing the rule of three different shapes out was the first step, now me and *Cannibal-Pancake have started designing their world. Psych, her character, will appear as the second main character along with her two others, Dante and Jackdaw. She will be mainly writing for the antagonists, as her port-of-call is that of the Courvid's abilities, linage and mythology.
I, on the other hand, will be handling the Gemstone's and most of the protagonists.

Silvira originates from the land of Lightning, high up on a mountainside in the main village of Inhallia, within the Gemstone compound. Strickedly disaplined and trained to fight alonside her fellow Gemstones, she didn't question their view to send her off as a peace-offering to the Earth's main village of the valley, Doshov, in exchange for another young promising student.
She was only 10 at the time, but would go on to stay for another 5 years.
Silvira met Damien, a 'fire-starter', blessed by the red fyrebirds when she was there, and befriended the outcast. The two grew close and he was fasinated by the scrolls she was sent by her parents for various birthdays and achivements- all teaching of dragon forms and how to fly and such. they also shared a love for art and ancient mythologies, and she educated him about many of the 'mortal-god' creatures, like the dragons and fyrebirds. Damien was abused, he proved to be a kind young man- and Silvira grew very fond of him- eventually falling in love with him. He returned the feelings whole-heartedly, and for a time, they had peace; but, very soon afterwards, she was recalled back to Inhallia by her parents. Heartbroken, but forever remainly loyal to her clan, she left him there; but alas, during her return, her eyes fell upon 'the fall' and it all began to unravel...

Silvira is INCREDIBLY close to me. She's been my OC for years- I realised that this year she turns 4. (whoa get her) so next year will be the big five. <3
Any questions about her? Note me!
Also, her swords are twin-weapons, and are called 'Sundabuma' and 'Raikiri'
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