Palere Cerhol 2015 Picture

Here it is~! An official reference for Palere! I really regret not drawing this precious baby more: I really love him, and he's my third oldest fan troll!

And now for some updated information~


Name:: Palere Cerhol
Pronunciation:: Pah-LAIR-uh SEHR-haul
Age(insweeps):: 10.15
Age(inhumanyears):: 22
Gender:: Male
Symbol:: An esset (β), or basically a tilted B, because it
resembles a butterfly with closed wings.
Blood Color:: peanut butter bby (approximately #9A4500)
CollectorDad – His lusus is actually mostly human-looking, something not very common among trolls. He looks like a man who hunts and collects bugs, which is exactly what he does. What’s the odd thing about him? He has large eyes, like those of a fly or butterfly, and three sets of pincers and can spit silk. Hence Palere’s windows. (See Additional Information.)
Screen Name::
demogenicAndroconiac (dA)
Typing Quirks::
Bb = /3, Ff = %, uses emojis with an 8 for eyes because they’re buggy. 8D
Weapon Preference:: netkind


Habits:: Painting the walls of his hive when nervous, rubbing his hands, assigning scents or colors to everyone he knows.
General Personality:: A calm and content troll with a nervous streak.
Around Strangers:: Will feel inclined to introduce himself/make new friends right off the bat. If the other person is shy, he will adapt to be more gentle and kind-sounding, and if they are harder or gruffer he will smile and giggle and be happy. He is a people pleaser. However, he never talks about himself. Ask him to do so, friend or stranger, and he will panic and avoid the request.
Around Friends:: Palere generally acts the same around strangers as he does his friends, except with a lot more cuddling. He’ll make food for you; maybe show you his butterfly nets if he thinks you’re truly interested. With that in mind, he really tries to keep the focus away from himself. He can be sad for a while and no one will know because he represses the hell out of it. He wants all of his friends to be happy and not sad at all, even if that means making himself even sadder.

Likes:: The color green, calm music (pan flutes, chillstep, etc.), the magenta hoodie he’s almost constantly wearing, incense (the boy could drink that shit), cake samplers, fruity teas, cuddling, relaxing by the river near his hive.
Dislikes:: Being out at night alone, animal cruelty, alcohol of every variety, seeing others in pain, very cold weather, intense humidity.
Outstanding Marks::
There is a permanent brand mark of his symbol on the left side of his neck.




/ \ / \

- Palere is not looking for a matesprit at the moment.


Can you message me about RPing with this Troll :: Sure, but I’m a little picky.

Other Information ::

Weight: 110-120. Was chubby for a second, but lost most of the weight because due to an extreme bout of anorexia nervosa.

Height: 5’2”

Horns: They look like feelers and are medium length.

Disabilities/Health Concerns: Palere is never hungry. Ever. Potentially caused by stress, typically.

Title: Witch of Heart (Subject to change.)

Active or Passive: Passive

Derse or Prospit: Prospit

Medium: Land of Metamorphosis and Color (LOMAC)

Denizen: Hedone – a Psychai (butterfly-winged daughters of Psyche in Greek mythology)

Ancestor: The Pollinecrate – a combination of Pollinate and necro-, meaning dead. This man brought what seemed to be both life and death with him wherever he went. He could heal a troll with a single touch—but another had to die in their place. His word spread quickly and efficiently, like a bee pollinating flowers, and he brought his sick and twisted fantasies and powers all over the world. (Subject to change.)

Hive: A sticky string-like substance produced by CollectorDad covers all of Palere’s windows and blocks out a good bit of natural light, but due to the substance’s translucence the windows will glow a faint yellow-white. His bedroom is tidy enough, with boxes full of clothes and his extensive collection of BUTTERFLY CATCHING NETS stacked up in the corners of the room. Random splatters of multicolored paint (?) adorn the walls, stairs, some of the silk-covered windows, etc. His hive also smells of extremely strong but not unpleasant INCENSE, and that smell clings to his clothing and goes with him everywhere, something that he quite enjoys.

Fetch Modus: Net-Fetch modus - Palere can throw as much shit as he likes into his sylladex, but if he wants to get something out he has to pull out a butterfly net and try to catch the item because it just launches itself out of the sylladex at an alarming speed. He’s learned to be very careful about putting heavy things into his sylladex, and he’s gotten very good at catching things. Maybe he should try lacrosse.

Weapon: a butterfly net with an ivory handle carved to look like bamboo and a green net. He can’t really fight with this, but then again he doesn’t like to fight at all. It also comes in handy when using his sylladex.


Rhopalocera is the scientific name for a butterfly. This is what his name comes from.

His troll tag uses the words demogenic and androconiac (which isn’t actually a word). Androconia are the specialized scent scales that a butterfly possesses. Adding the “c”, turning it into Androconiac, makes it sounds as though he has an addiction to something. This hints toward his extreme love of incense. The first word, demogenic, means of like or pertaining to membership by citizenship rather than kinship. This is how Palere feels about the people he meets: he doesn’t care if you’re of his blood color, or if you’re related; if you exist, you exist for a reason, and he loves and appreciates you and will make you cookies.

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