'The Evil Shade' Picture

There was supposed to be those spike ball things that connected to a chain that floated around the bracelets the spikes would be connected to the balls and the balls would be chained together.

there would also be daedric writing on the spikes that says "hell" on it. No, its not significant. I just figured if its gonna be in another language, figured it'd say something right?

Anyways-- Its kinda hard to draw spikes in certain angles so I just said "screw it." and didn't add it.
(also the things on his back are quils, I just made it look kinda like wings.)

And I DONT LIKE THE COLOR SCHEME AGAIN. Seriously, way too many reds (and a bit of orange but who cares because RED) and I was hoping to add some more metal plating but it just wouldn't look right to me.

But yeah. Now enough of the picture's look and more onto the pictures story. Long story short, its and alternate universe version of Shadow.

I thought of how Something as trivial as a being who doesn't even remotely resemble a titan could be a threat and then wonderful Greek mythology reminded me: a being that's half titan, of course.

(at least it wasn't a test tube like the official Shadow XL)

And assuming what the titan was "trying" to do. (make a hell on earth, although I don't even know if it really wants to make one or its just Godzilla in Tokyo.)
He would have to be the opposite but in a way that no one would want it. So a forced order, or a dictatorship. He probably thought it was the only way to do it after seeing how everyone wanted the world to descend into the worst state possible(assuming that it already happened before Ava was around. I.E. a really, really long time ago), although free, they made chaos, ruined lives, wrecked homes, the worst anarchy ever seen.
Seeing this, he deemed peoples freedom a threat to themselves and others, and thought that it would be better to force them into a submissive state while their psyches were on another plane; far from the physical world, and from physical harm.
Their bodies would be doing their daily routines while their consciousness's would be in a world made by their own minds, trapped there for however long he'd want them to stay (knowing what he saw, that would probably be forever).

But he didn't do this, at least, not outright; he would do this to small towns, or to travelers who were passing by. Far away from society's eyes. He figured that he couldn't do what he thought was best alone, and knowing how many people would actually agree with him; all he could do is watch and wait for society to grow desperate for a savior or a person to help them in a time of need. When this day would come he would appear to save them, when actually he'd start what he was planning years ago. But knowing how he was doing his work already, he was at a severe disadvantage. Since he was away from society's eye, he was away from all of society. This kept him from things that were happening in the world, which could easily devastate his plans, for when the world would need a savior, he wouldn't know a thing about it. Leaving someone who actually wanted to help them, help them.

Of course, keep in mind: Im not sure if this works, this is all of what im thinking of on the spot.

As for his behavior, its more darker than Shadow's.
Where Shadow is more of a sarcastic, serious, snarky person; this man is a more taunting, playful, and aggressive person. Using his wits to toy with and play with his foes, or whoever is chosen as his new plaything.
He tends to think of mobians as threats to themselves and others, while at times he sympathies and worries for them, other times he will tend to hate and despise them for their "free" nature. Causing him to be mixed up in his emotions, unsure of weather to help them or to harm them.

As for abilities, im not sure of all the elements he has potential to carry but I DO know psychic is definitely one of them knowing one of his abilities: the "submission hold". As a psychic move it first scrambles the mind and then breaks it while locking the persons movements with psychic locks on arms and legs and over their eyes, forcing them in a sitting position.

It doesn't hurt a person. It just puts them in a atomic state.
He can undo it, but that's only if he chooses to.

Im not sure how he meets Ava and the others. Im not even sure IF he meets Ava and the others before Ava becomes Calista. In fact...Im not even sure how old he IS. O_O; If the titan was around a long time ago, far before Ava and company, than he'd be REALLY REALLY OLD.

Im not sure how people would react to him at first, but I do know I can think of some funny stuff with this guy and Jowel and Shadow. XL

Anyways, Enjoy.
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