Autobiographical Image Picture

This is actually my first assignment from my 'Time and Interactivity' class at the University of Minnesota. I decided to post it here as well as on my class blog.

The assignment was to create an image, using Photoshop, that tells the viewer something about you that they may not have already known just from looking at you.

The images at the top of the picture all relate to my birthday and its correlating astrology. I was born in early August, therefore I am a Leo and the sun is my symbol, while in the Chinese Zodiac I was born in the year of the sheep.

The brain, the text and the earth symbolize several things - namely, my love for knowledge, for reading & exploring whole worlds in books, and my belief in the power and potential of the human mind. The figure in the suit represents myself, and is dressed in a suit to communicate my power - since the business suit represents power and control - over my own mind, my own world and my perceptions. The ravens not only represent my quest for wisdom and knowledge, but also my passion for mythology, since the two ravens are traditionally the messengers of the Norse god, Odin.
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