OCBZ- Kora Picture

Name: Kora
Age: 21
Height: 5'8" ( 176.78 cm )
Weight: 145 lbs ( 65.77 kg )
Sexuality: Straight ( but is questionable )
Religion: n/a
Features: Golden tattoos that morph when she transforms.
-Falls under the category of bestial familiars. She has five familiars; an owl, a wolf, a cheetah, a scorpion, and a shark.
-There are two form to each of these animals, and each animal has certain "traits," or "abilities" that affect her. The first form is a half animal/half beast being ( the closest example would be Bloody Roar ). The second form is more of a mythological form, which can only be accessed by certain triggers ( nearly impossible to attain )
First Forms
-First form: [link]
-Second Form:
Trigger: Not made yet
-First Form:
-Second Form:
Trigger: Not made yet
-First Form:
-Second Form:
Trigger: Not made yet
-First Form: [link]
-Second Form:
Trigger: Not made yet
-First Form:
-Second Form:
Trigger: Not made yet
Fighting Style
Varies from form to form. Her human self is fast, and will use no more moves than necessary. Owl form studies the opponent and then destroys the enemy based on observation. Wolf form outlasts the opponent, wearing them down with multiple combination attacks in a row. Cheetah form is based on speed, attacking before she is attacked. Scorpion is based on the defeating the enemy as quickly as possible, but with defense foremost in mind. And shark form is the attacker, the one that destroys the enemy regardless of her odds to win.
A psychopath~ Not, but really she totally is -
Basically, she acts friendly and very outgoing. Yet when someone tries to get a straight out answer out of her, she'll dodge the question. She hides behind several facades, which all seem pleasant. She is more of an attacker than a defender, and she will act very affronted to topics to make it seem like she isn't hiding anything. Despises societies government/ religion/ medicine.
-To wreak havoc, basically. She believes in absolute anarchy, and wishes to destroy as many cities/towns/castles/etc. as she can before falling.
Misc. Facts
-Has a phobia of needles and cages ( This is from her bestial familiars, they affect her human psyche in nuances as well (an example is that the shark would make her extremely vicious. This is not necessarily when she transforms, but sporadically different traits show up) )
-Her power is a mix of possession and magic.
-Prefers owl and wolf forms.
-Shark forms can only be utilized in water.

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*Close-up* [link]
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