Yggdrasil Picture

This was originally a submission to a "Make Up Your Own Persona" (as in the "Persona" video games) contest on Destructoid - I didn't win, but I still like how this turned out for the most part.

If you haven't played the games before, "Personas" are basically critters that the characters can summon from their psyches - they're usually based on mythological figures, so in my case I went with my favorite mythology, namely Norse. "Yggdrasil" is a colossal tree that the Northern races believed encompassed most of the universe - i.e. the human realm was on one branch, the gods' realm was on another, etc. Of course, in keeping with the games I had to weird him out a bit.

Pen and ink as usual - since I like the games and the myths so much, maybe I'll do another one like this for fun, one of these days.
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