One Piece character - Doctor Sigmund Krona Picture

This is one of my oldest characters, created years ago and redesigned several times across the years. The concept of his powers, his appearance, outfit, theme...

The final product is: Doctor Sigmund Krona, a former marine doctor and renegade psychiatrist, user of the Mabo Mabo no mi (from 幻 - maboroshi, lit. Illusion, phantom) a powerful Logia that allow the user to create, control and become a phantom. With this ability and his skills in psycology, he can create livid dreams to those around him, bordering mind control on the weakest and complete nervous trickery on the strongest. He can confuse the 5 senses to simulate scents, sounds, pain and temperature. Requiring a great deal of concentration and willpower to see past his illusions.

Sigmund Krona (his first name comes from Sigmund Freud, the famous psychiatrist), a former marine doctor was cast away from the Marines after abusing his position of psychologist to perform experiments on the minds of traumatized marines and veterans, running away with his partners to hide in the New World, where he became a strong threat to any Marine or pirate fool enough to pass near his hiddeout. He is first seen as a perfect gentleman, polite and sensible, but fast-talking and convincing, but he hides a sadistic and arrogant core that easily triggers his violent psychological assaults upon his victims, easily thinking anyone around him is merely a test subject or puppet. However, Krona also holds high regards and respect for strong pirates such as the Yonkou and a few Marines such as the admirals, Sengoku, Garp and those related to them. He is also recognized as a potential ally by the revolutionaries, but he refuses to partake in their plans.

After defecting, he ate the Logia devil fruit, Mabo Mabo no mi (Phantom Phantom Fruit). Beeing a Logia, he counts with the intangibility provided by beeing something immaterial, which also grant him the ability to avoid gravity and literally walk on air. However, since his abilities are pure illusory, anyone able to see past'em will be immune to anything he attempts to do in their minds and also bypassing his intangibility.

List of attacks:

-Cloud 9 - Krona spreads a wave of illusion that enters the mind of anyone around him and creates a stage of letargy and bliss, basicaly, sending'em on the cloud nine.

-Wonderland - After putting his targets to sleep through whichever methods avaible, he will drag'em inside a world of dreams where he control their memories to create a lucid, complex dream to torture their minds.
--Wonderland: Vertigo - when the targets are awake, he can send a massive phantom that will give anyone caught by it the illusion of falling endlesly for a short amount of time.

-Dance of the 9 tails - To confuse or disguise, Krona creates several images of himself as illusory clones in an attempt to confuse the enemy or increase the range of his attacks, as each clone can be used to create illusions.
- Waltz - Krona snaps his fingers and a selected clone explodes. (of course, the explosion is also illusion)
- Riverdance - Making motions to indicate the direction, Krona guides his clones to fly towards the enemies, each clone will literally pass through and enter the body of each victim, dragging'em to a sleepy state.

-Trauma - Using any image he can think of, Krona creates realistic illusion of pain such as fire and swords, conving the opponent's nerves to simulate pain, convincing the victim he/she is burning, beeing impaled, etc, this illusion, however, wears off quickly and the effect is reduced if used repeatly in a short time. his favorite methods are creating bluish flames or playing cards that fly like dards towards the enemy.

-Vulpine masquerade - After digging in the memories of his opponents (or coincidently knowing'em beforehand) he can create the image of people he/she knew and either control this image as a puppet or simply become this image as disguise.

Other abilities:
-Psychological knowledge: Krona has a vast knowledge of the human psyche and can easily toy with the emotions of others using the right words.
-Superhuman speed and reflexes..
-Hypnotic suggestion: With or without the aid of his Devil Fruit powers, Krona can create hypnotic trances on his victims through voice-hypnotsis while they sleep, controlling their minds like lifeless puppets until they manage to break through their dream state. This power can only work once per individual, but can be used again after at least 10 years (according to krona, enough for the subconscious to forget it was once controlled)
-Paranoia - With the aid of his devil fruit, he can spread himself as illusion in a large area, creating the image of a darkness with
hundreds of eyes peeking, each individual eye is connected to his own, allowing him to see a full 360º.

His attacks and powers make him somewhat reminiscent of the Japanese mythological creature known as the 9-tailed fox, Kistune, a youkai with abilities to create illusions, take the shape of other humans and also beeing a trickster by nature, besides beeing also themed after the typical magician with tophat and playing cards.
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