SN Oc - Jacks Picture

Ooh, I had to make my own OC after reading
I even had to have the OC look like me because I'm rather vain that way--sometimes.
Okay here's some stats:

Her name is Jacqueline Johnston (this isn't how my first name is spelled btw--I figured someone would wonder since I sign my artwork with Jackie). But, she prefers people call her "Jacks" due to the fact that only her family have the privilage to call her by her whole name.

Why does she hunt (or semi hunts, with the guidence of her counselor--yeah, a lot of help she is at helping Jacks get over her problems by enabling them)?
A demon and a pet rabid vampire (a newborn vampire whose creator left, thus the creature feeding without guidence before going insane) killed her family to get her. Why? Because she hung out with a bad crowd in high school, and they accidentally summoned a demon spirit into Jacks. He even went as far to stay in her body as carve that "lock and key" symbol into her left inner wrist (like Meg did in the episode "Born Under a Bad Sign"). But, the counselor knew enough demonology to burn the mark and break the seal, allowing the demon to be extricated from the girl's body.

But, he liked Jacks and wants her as his pet. So, he tried to kidnap her by killing all of her blood family in attempts that she would beg for her own death and he could snatch her soul away before he it left the earthly plane. But, she did just the opposite, she's made a promise to herself that she will do whatever it takes to find this demon and avenge her lost family, her lost life.

With no blood family left, her step-mother took her in. This should be awkward, but strangely it is not. (background on here--her father left when she was almost 18--the woman he married was 27, while he was 48). She is desperate to get Jacks some help because the girl is failing at almost everything, can't keep jobs, and she is about to get dropped from college. So, she scheduled more meetings with the counselor, whom only contributes to Jack's problems. Why is that?

Well, the counselor had a few too many run ins with the dark as a child and now-and-again hunts the things. But, nothing too hard to finish off. Just things that can be destroyed with a few spells or quick shots from a silver bullet. So far, her excursions have been quite successful. So when Jacks came to her as a client and started telling the what others called "wild" story about her parents being killed because a demon wanted her as his plaything, the counselor didn't waste one minute in thinking the girl needed locked up in
psyche. She knew the girl spoke the truth.

But, Jacks is still steadily losing her good grades in college due to late night hunts and such. So her English teacher from the college made her one final offer--a long essay. But, Jacks is not in charge of what. The professor tells her that she will write a paper based on mythology. Well, she attends a community college, and there are no mythology professors on the campus. Great. Well, her counselor suggests looking for a higher rated college directory for a teacher. Jacks responds with a "whatever, I'm not doing that. I have other things that I could be doing than waste time hunting down some damn mythology professor." So, the counselor hunted down one for her. Professor Winchester from Stanford, and she's told Jacks that they will meet the teacher whether she like sit or not.

Okay, that's my OC. Hope you all like her as I do. Whatever else happens with the girl is up to ~j9y because "Make Your Mark" is her fictional creation.
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