My Beautiful Butterfly Picture

my two current obsessions: the story of cupid and psyche, and slam dunk's sendoh...

if you don't know the story, i recommend you read it. it's my favorite mythological love story. i particularly like how venus was depicted as a big bad mother-in-law lol

oh, and yeah, it's supposed to be really dark because psyche wasn't allowed to see cupid's face since at the beginning of their relationship/marriage, they were only together at night when it's dark *wiggles eyebrows* (if you know what i mean)

I didn't know if it needs mature content warning but since they're not completely naked and they're not exactly doing the deed in the picture, i didn't think it was necessary. but if you think it needs a warning, then just tell me.

one last thing, the title says butterfly because psyche's name means butterfly. it also means soul but how would that sound? my beautiful soul? it sounds a bit narcissistic doesn't it?
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