Pan: The Devil Picture

The Devil card speaks to our more primal natures, what can be viewed as the darker side of our psyche, the things within us which many people try to oppress, or are frighten to confront or acknowledge but which need to be understood if we are ever to truly understand ourselves. Pan is a god of the wild who has earned an infamous reputation for his instantiate carnal appetite. He also represents that primitiveness within us. The iconic image of the devil of which most of us are familiar is also derive from Pan, both are portrayed as being beast and man as a reminder of the beast which dwells within every man.

Stock Credit:

Model 1 by disscordia
Model 2 by lockstock
Model 3 by BlooDoveStock
Background by nexus35-Stock
Tree stump by LadyTara-Stock
Horns by Artress-Stock now ArtressDesigns
Goat Hoof by Falln-Stock
Fur texture by Kafae-Latte
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