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Persephone used to be a fairly naive, sheltered girl. Being kidnapped, dragged to the Underworld, and married to the god of the dead pulled a bit of a shadow over that bright and sunny disposition. At least, that's how her mother, Demeter, would tell the story. The truth is, there was a reason Hades was attracted to her in the first place. If he wanted just beauty, there are plenty of maidens and nymphs around. Never seemed to be a shortage for his brother, Zeus.

Persephone has always had a bit of a choleric temperament. She can be waspish, easily irritated, and is not afraid to show it. Being kidnapped just brought that side of her out a little more. Persephone does not take particularly good care of herself. She doesn’t sleep much and has a strange aversion to food, bordering on a full-blown eating disorder.

She also has a kind and compassionate side beneath all those thorns, the rose that graces the sharp stem. She is typically the most moved by the pleas of mortals. She knows the pain of sudden separation, having been stolen from her mother and the green fields of the mortal realm early in life. She is very empathetic and will develop maternal-like instincts for those she takes under her wing. It is likely this compassionate side that lead to her eventual affection for Hades. In time, she came to appreciate him and, perhaps, love him.

That, or she's got a serious case of Stockholm Syndrome. IF you ask her mother.


Persephone wants to get her husband back. For one, the Underworld needs him. For two, seeing him as a shell of his former self is just unsettling. And maybe, just maybe, she genuinely wants him better for his own sake.

Persephone is torn in her desires, because she also yearns to return to the surface and live with her mother again on a permanent basis, not just for part of the year. Part of her isn't entirely sure she wants Hades back exactly as he was…maybe just functionally, so that he could take care of the place, and she could take a vacation. An extended vacation. Besides, Hades isn't the only one recovering from a binding. Both Persephone AND her mother, Demeter, had to endure the terrible ordeal of a Binding. If ever her mother needed her, it was now.


Persephone has retained much of the modern medical knowledge that she acquired while bound, and has the ability to cure most maladies and injuries. She's also gained some whip-cracking organizational skills, and the hard-nosed manner to ensure that things get done her way.

She also has a strong ally in Hecate, who considers her a personal friend. They often spend time together, increasingly so lately. Rumor has it that they are plotting something together, but if that's true, neither has given any indication regarding the topics of their conversations.


Before Dr. Minos had her Bound, she was the Queen of the Underworld and served as one of its rulers. She was a faithful wife to Hades despite her forced marriage to him, but generally preferred to spend her time with the goddess of witches, Hecate, than with her husband. She also has not given birth to any children for Hades. As a monarch of the dead she was merciful and benevolent, in stark contrast to Hades who was harsh and almost universally hated by mortals. She was often given various tasks to perform outside her normal duties by other gods, such as caring for Dionysus when he was a boy at the request of Zeus.

When she was bound, Persephone was the head nurse and administrator of the Hospital in the Labyrinth. Although she had many duties, most of her time was spent taking care of Dionysus, who was held in the psych ward of the Hospital.

Now that she is free, she's trying to resume her duties as a ruler of the Underworld, but she's feeling very overwhelmed. She has no choice but to rely on the Third Judge that Hades appointed, even though she questions the decision.


N/A - This section will be necessary for all contestants, but does not apply to the gods.

WHAT PERSEPHONE MAY OFFER IN EXCHANGE FOR HELP ACHIEVING HER GOAL (to cure Hades OR get the Underworld running smoothly enough that she can leave on a more permanent basis):

Persephone used to travel to the surface for nine months out of the year, and she intends to resume her travels. The next time she returns to the mortal realm, she can convey a message, perform a favor, or bring your OC something from the surface at your request. She can perform this favor at any time, as soon as the Ferry-man is found.
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