Ballroom Blitz Picture

I've been trying to psych myself up to color in my last submission (The Aelrix Lineart) because that one doesn't have a lot of color in it. When I do color it in, it's going to be a lot of grays and browns and blues and the most color it's going to have is in the nyan cat. So I thought, what if I did a piece that DID have a lot of color? I had sketched this around the time that it was actually going on in the RP and NOW I've finally finished it! Huzzah!
The theme of the masquerade was "Mythology" and Vance was originally supposed to be wearing a costume modeled after the god Loki while Ada had a Fairy queen deal going on...but I noticed they had a Solar/Lunar color scheme going on and tweaked their costumes to fit it. Vance was also originally fighting a werewolf type thing...but I decided to give him a mutant Daddy Longlegs instead.
It sucks because I've been wanting to draw more Aria stuff yet these two seem to take over. This also marks one of my few deviations with a background! So...yay for that!
I think I had the most fun with Ada and her giant centipede in this piece. His teeth are all like NOM NOM NOM and Ada's just like, "Psh. I don't care, I'm stabbin' ya!"

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