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->Translated from the Spanish to the Englishman for

Name: Kira Minatoya

Age: 18 years

Date of birth: on November 8

Sex: Feminine

Nationality: Greek - Japanese

Height: 1.56 cm I

Names Bit-beast: Helaria

Tipo Bit-beast: Darkness, wind, psyche.

To move Signature: red Diamond

Indexes: His launcher simulates to be a normal arch, the technology makes her easily portable and of rapid access. Helaria is a beast bit only to the being a beast bit that he attacks not only to other beasts bit, but to the owner as well as to use the psychic power in both opponents, principally the owner, spending part of this skill to Kira. The ruby in his blouse possesses sealed the force of Helaria and when it is necessary, liberates the energy of Kira to help in the moment of the assault.

Personality: happy and entrusted with his real friends, cold and aggressive to the moment to attack, it is not left to underestimate so easily, calm, speaks little and it is difficult to do that it is opened by the persons. Extremely aggressive to the moment to feel attacked or under danger be of verbal or physical form.

It tells the history: Inheritor of the mythical sphinx who appears in the Greek mythology on having been a direct descendant of Oedipus, orphan of parents on having expired 9 years of age for the same motive being murdered opposite to her for loving this being mythical and sent by Voltaire by means of Boris on having been able the property of this beast bit on being the second one in range of the hell and therefore extract in the earthly world the worse of the hell for his great domain in this one; only the guardians know and that an acquaintance of the myth achieved (Boris) quarrelled.
Up to expiring 16 years, it lasted strolling around for the streets and Hell following Helaria's training that was seeming to be impossible being the simple human one, two months after fulfilling the 16 it meets again with his mother and like that grandfather to focus on the beyblade, controlling Helaria inside the blade. On having had the confidence of his beast bit it obtained his absolute protection and no weapon can damage it of gravity because of the protections that him the mythical sphinx puts, adding the capacity of excellent managing of any type of existing weapon for simpler or complex that it should be.
At present it is suspected that Helaria, to the being a powerful demon gave supernatural power to Kira, her turning a demon of appearance and origin 100 % I humanize and the aptitude to be in the hell and to impose dread in the human world with the same beings, nevertheless Kira does not use these power any more that in battles of beyblade since I support Helaria.

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