Suitors Seven: Aphrodite Picture

Another re-post, here we go description!

Aphrodite heck i'll just use the same words Lucius says! Aphrodite is a slut. She cheats on her husband Hephaestus all the time. She tried to have Lucius sleep with her, but he wasn't affected by her powers for some reason. Most believe it was because he was truly in love with his fiancee Lilitu. Aphrodite had never been turned down, and it made her really pissed off. She cursed Lucius, and that why he became the perv he is today. His curse makes relationships impossible for him. He doesn't like acting the way he does, but if it keeps women he cares about away, better for him. Lots of people have asked why Aphrodite won't just un-curse him, her usual answer being and I quote: I don't want to. I like watching him suffer.

I admit, I purposefully made Aphrodite a bit mean. But, to be honest, judging by the story of Eros and Psyche, she can sometimes be mean. I don't hate her, it's just that i interpret each of the gods based on what I have read in mythology. And Aphrodite, can sometimes be mean.

Suitors Seven/Aphrodite concept by me

art created by me

Please do not take this and claim it as your own.
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