What Shall We Die For? Picture

"I am not going to waste my life on some petty revenge-fueled suicide battle!" The Arachnia spat, his dark hair bristling at the very thought of battle. "I may be hard to kill- but, damnit, I am not invunrable!" Silvira took a long look out at the stormy skies outside the cavern, and then slowly back to the small group of warriors, their drawn faces all lit by the dim flame that was feebling stuttering in and out of life, despite Damien's best attempts to keep it going.
"Then what shall we die for...?" The question she asked was simple. Psych had gone to the Courvids- Her compainion, her friend. It had shattered a part of her somewhere inside- and, though they didn't act like it, the others were hurt too. However, the young Gemstone's resolve had been sealed by that selfish act- and she had sworn to fight, until her dying breath, to either save her young friend, or kill both her and the Courvids.
The group looked up, their dim eyes suddenly curious as their leader stood.
"You will listen to me," She growled, twisting on one heel, a snarl etched into her face. "LISTEN!"
Despite the cold, Damien sat up straighter- the fire suddenly sparking to life with more vigor then the last choking splutter; Blight's eight legs thumps carefully, and Dante's helmet decided that, for once, it would stay straight.
"Those stars up there-" She pointed towards the roof of the cave aggressively "-they're looking to us, the last stragglers to lead." Those intense, burning blue eyes fell squarely on the last of the Gemstones- Thor, Isobella and Sarkan. Each bowed their head solemly, avoiding her gaze. "And what will they see? Half-starved rats fleeing from flames- no! They will see FREE warriors- and FREEDOM!" The words reverbarated in the darkness, and Thor raised his head, his Green eyes focusing on some point far ahead. "And what those filthy curs hear are the ring of our swords, and see the flash of our magic and they will KNOW. WHAT WE. CAN DO!" The younger Gemstone's stood- half ready to leap into battle. "By the sweat on our brows, the strength of our backs... and the courage in our hearts....." Silvira turned to the mouth of the cave, and shifted- her dragon form sliding out of her human skin in a few seconds. The storm raged outside, lighting streching its deadly fingers across the blackend skies towards the ruins of Inallia and the Gemstone's dragon catacombs, followed by the hollow boom of thunders' anguish.
"... Face the storm with me... and help me SAVE her." Trotting out into the lashing rain and relentless wind, she survayed the skies, light catching her scales, already covered in a sheen of water. Roaring suddenly, she reared on her back legs and spread her wings- the markings on her cheeks glowing, the magika flowing from her paws- causing Damien to bring the fire into a fierce inferno with a shout, and the three Gemstones to shift themselves, roaring their own approval. Blight stomped his feet, and folded his arms, and Dante adjusted his helmet so it was slightly askew again.
"If you insist..."

there. have a shittily wrote piece 'o' shit. :3
Written and drawn to this --> [link]
with that very scene in mind. (it's my favourite bit from the whole movie<3)

Silvira, Thor, Isobella, Sarkan, Blight, The Gemstone's clan, their mythology and all settings mentioned (c) me
The Courvids, Psych and Dante (c) *Cannibal-Pancake
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