Wives of Gods Picture

It seems that those Greek gods just couldn't keep their hands off of pretty mortals. They were always taking them as lovers, having kids with them, and sometimes marrying them. So here are three lucky (or not so lucky depending on your interpretation) ladies who ended up hitched to some gods. These are only just three, however, as there are more mortal/nymph brides of gods. Though really, the only longer story one of these might get will probably be Psyche. The other two will probably be short stories.

Oriethyia-(left) The story goes that Boreas, the god of the north wind, fell in love with an Athenian princess, Oriethyia. Some versions of the tale say that he first attempted to woo her or implore her father for her hand in marriage, either way he failed and ended up resorting to just snatching her away in a cloud when she was playing by the river Ilissos. He took her to his home and made her his bride and she bore him Calais and Zetes, also known as the Boreads, who had purple wings on their backs and eventually joined the Argonauts. With Boreas, she also had two daughters, Chione and Cleopatra. Since the north wind was supposed to be cold and blustery, I put her in grey and white, trying to give it a colder, wintery feel. Within the crazy little world that is my stories, Oreithyia considers herself to be plain and unremarkable and lacking beauty. She is not as pretty as her sisters, nor as charming and charismatic. Instead, she is quiet, practical, and silently envious of her sisters. When Boreas takes an interest in her, she is overwhelmed yet flattered at the same time, as she very rarely has mortal men even acknowledge her, let alone catching the eye of a god. Yet eventually she finds herself giving into his courtship and soon her father is getting suspicious, wondering who his daughter's admirer is. And as my stories often go, things get very complicated.

Chloris-(middle) Remember the old Hyacinthus myth? You know, the one where Apollo and Zephyrus, god of the west wind both loved the same boy, Hyacinthus? And out of jealousy, Zephyrus killed him by blowing a discus back in the general direction of Hyacinthus's head? Yeah. Zephyrus was apparently married. While it's a little debated as to whether he was married to Iris, the rainbow goddess, or Chloris, a nymph, I decided to go with Chloris and have a little fun story with the two of them. Chloris is the daughter of a mortal man and a nymph. While Chloris loves her parents to death, she finds it difficult to speak to other people and often finds herself focusing on their negative characteristics instead of their positive ones and ends up retreating to the comfort of her garden and the woods. When she is tending to her garden one day, she is approached by a strange man claiming to have come to court her. He is the god Zephyrus, and a very determined suitor. As the story takes place a few decades after the Hyacinthus incident, it is definitely talked about and mentioned. There are also quite a few awkward moments between Zephyrus and Chloris because of it, not so much that Chloris isn't okay with same sex relationships, it's more that she doesn't want to be pursued by a guy if he won't truly love her or be happy with her because he'd rather be with someone of his own gender......if that explanation makes any sense...

Psyche-(right) And finally the story of Eros and Psyche. The romantic story of these two starts when Aphrodite starts to become jealous of Psyche's beauty and sends her son Eros to make her fall in love with a monster. So he snuck into her room one night with the intention of piercing her with one of his love arrows. However, when he took a moment to gaze upon her beauty, he accidentally nicked himself on the arrow he was going to use and fell head over heels in love with her. So she ends up marrying and living with him in secret after he had an oracle tell her family that no mortal man would marry Psyche. Psyche essentially has all she needs and lives in luxury with her mysterious husband under the condition that she not look upon his face. So I decided to do my take on the story and have a little fun with it. Psyche is a sensitive, romantic soul, but a curious one as well. She is somewhat naive at first, but she wisens up as the story goes on.

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