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Drawn: 3/24/11

Thus the Gods BLIND the mortals with their many gradients and sparkle brushes from photoshop! And I swear I'm never going to use blue again, er, at least until tomorrow.

Been wanting to draw a little goofy piece with bright colors and the cartoon styles? So why not utilize Gods whom haven't received a design in that cartoonish form? And make them as damned neon as possible?

The Triumvirate, Goddess Pei-Le God Huehueteotl God(ess) Itzpapalotl, gathered around poor God Atl'Ch being subjected to the goading on of the two Gods and PEER PRESSURE.

Goddess Hi'Naa is trying to deliver a message to her parents, but alas, good ol' Goddess Thsa is sympathetic to her plight.

Pei-Le ain't too happy that her daughter gonna see Atl'Ch's teeth since the barfing night sky isn't enough to damage her psyche... and the plight that Hi'Naa may also inherit the night barfingness.

And I need to shaddup.
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