SDAA - Irisu Nijiko Picture


IHU X. You suck because I can't draw you. Look at Irisu. She was drawn and colored in less than 3 hours.


Name: Irisu Nijiko

Age: 19 years old

Height: 5' 7"

Race: Iris, Goddess of the Rainbow - In Greek mythology, Iris is the personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods. As the sun unites Earth and heaven, Iris links the gods to humanity. She travels with the speed of wind from one end of the world to the other, and into the depths of the sea and the underworld. Iris carries a caduceus or winged staff. By command of Zeus, the king of the gods, she carries an ewer of water from the Styx, with which she puts to sleep all who perjure themselves. Goddess of sea and sky, she is also represented as supplying the clouds with the water needed to deluge the world, consistent with her identification with the rainbow.

Nationality: Japanese

Grade: 12th grade

Relatives: Hanami Risshun (dryad, 12th grade, cousin)

Style: Comfortable Casual

Orientation: Homosexual

Significant body markings: Caduceus tattoo on left shoulder and upper arm

Favorite Class: AP Chemistry

Favorite Teacher(s): Mr. Griffin (invisible man, chemistry teacher)

Club(s): WWHS GSA (president,) WWHS Track Team

Crush/Steady: unrequited crush on Gretchen Basile (Gretel)

Loves Me Not by T.a.T.u

Show me Love by T.a.T.u

Info: Ones' hairstyle can tell you a lot about a person. Whether they're liberal, or conservative. Whether or not they like to have fun, or are socially stilted. In Irisus' case, It's clear that she's a fun-loving free spirit.

And in Irisus' case, the rainbow mohawk is a CLEAR signal of her homosexuality. In her freshman year at Olympus Academy, Irisu Nijiko was singled out and ridiculed among the student body, due to rather malicious rumors being spread that she was a lesbian. The rumors, while malicious, were, for the most part, true. Irisu was undergoing a large amount of inner turmoil, which culminated in a lot of acting out and vandalism. As an outlet for her anguish, Irisu became known as the schools' "bad girl," and was in detention nearly every week for her actions. This is how she met Ezekiel Nathanson, the West Wind.

Zeke, who was in detention for hitting a number of students with discuses, immediately approached Irisu, asking, "Aren't you that lesbian chick?" The question ticked off Irisu quite a bit, and she leapt at Zeke with the intention to slit his throat, or at least leave a scar. The fight soon disappated, however, when Zeke revealed that he was under the same fire. Able to find a kindred spirit in Zeke, Irisu talked through her anger and was able to come to terms with her homosexuality. Unfortunately, both Zeke and Irisu knew that the students of Olympus Academy wouldn't be as forgiving. So, in order to throw everyone off, Irisu and Zeke labeled their friendship as "dating," and the rumors ceased.

For a while their plan worked. Irisu and Zeke no longer were the subjects of ridicule, and were re-accepted by their peers. However, Irisu very slowly began to break down. The dissonance between who she was inside and how she was percieved began to take a toll on her psyche, and Irisu soon collapsed. Meanwhile, her friendship (not to mention the arrangement,) she had with Zeke was becoming strained, as Zeke was growing closer to freshman Ryan Cunningham. Unable to continue lying to herself, Irisu transferred out of Olympus Academy, and left behind all her indiscretions, including Zeke.

Upon moving to Wormwood, Irisu got a tattoo, and shaved her head. A mohawk, "to center my thoughts, and keep me balanced." No longer needing to keep her homosexuality a secret, Irisu was freed from all, well, most of her problems.

Irisu can be described as easy-going and loose. She's up for anything, and tends to be one of the one talking people into road trips or anything like that. Aside from this, Irisu is something of a realist, and is usually able to give people grounded, realistic advice when they need it. One of her closest friends is Corbin, the kapre, who, more than everyone else, asks her advice, mostly on his relationship with Sully. Irisu herself, however, has a little trouble following her own advice. Irisu has a crush on Gretchen Basile (thinking she's a lesbian ohohoho,) but has yet to tell her. Chances are she never will.

Now able to tell people she's a lesbian, Irisu is president of the WWHS Gay-Straight Alliance, and works part-time at The Random Cafe, as a delivery girl.

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