56 - Hades Picture

The background on this didn't turn out quite how I planned, but it looks really nice all the same.

This is Hades, one of my Olympiad sehashi from the 'Stars of Destiny' universe. Her civilian name is Psyche Grey.

She's generally pretty pale and often looks kind of sickly. She won’t wear makeup, feeling that it’ll just make her skin tones look uneven. She’s fairly tall for a woman at 5’9’’ and is a little underweight as she weighs only 125 lbs. She always wears baggy clothes.

She has no family save for Thanatos--her pet raven--and her guardian, the hospital’s chief coroner.

Psyche is quiet and reclusive. She rarely speaks to anyone unless she has to. She tends to be a bit of a hypochondriac and has a morbid fascination with death of all kinds.

Psyche bears the scars of the accident that first brought her to the Olympia General Hospital in the first place. Shortly after their arrival, the two adults in the car with her died from their injuries. It was naturally assumed that these people were her parents. While Psyche had full knowledge as to who she was and what her date of birth was, she had no memory of her supposed parents or of much anything else for that matter. The doctors chalked it up to trauma and decided that it would be best for her to recover on her own, keeping her for observation. She constantly made her way down to the morgue where she got the attention of the chief coroner. Her understanding of human anatomy shocked him, as did her understanding of traumatic and fatal injuries. Seeing that no one else had come forward to take charge of the young teenager, he took Psyche under his wing and she’s been living with him ever since, acting as an apprentice in the morgue.She knows more than she’s letting on about her life and her past before the accident. She’s starting to recall who those people in the car were, recalling who her true parents were thanks to Thanatos and his somewhat better memories. There are whispers around the hospital that she’s a necrophiliac, but she denies it vehemently. The very thought disgusts her.

She like pomegranates and dislikes any foods that are artificially sweet. It's cliche, but she prefers to wear blacks and greys. She enjoys studying anatomy and likes to disassociate herself from life and people. She likes to read about different funerary customs. She also enjoys science and assisting with the performing of autopsies. Ravens and crows are her favourite animals and Cerberus is her favourite mythological creature.
She dislikes sunlight, weddings, and gym. She's deeply terrified of spiders and wasps.

Pose reference SenshiStock

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