Plantsei: Pictoral Retelling Picture


This is just a little pictoral documentation I threw together of the history of what happened on Plantsei (later known as Vegetasei) before the age of Freeza. Since it seems everyone forgets this little piece of filler gold from Episode 20 of Dragonball Z, "The Saiyajin Legend Returns!! Gokou's Roots", I thought I'd try to do what I could to remind people. ^_^

Filler or not, I always loved the story of what happened between the Saiyajin and Tsufurujin. And as anyone who reads IGNO should be aware upon reading Chapter 11, I loved it so much that I integrated it as a pretty pivotal part of my storyline, infusing the story told in this episode with my own mythologies on what could have possibly happened during the course of the SaiyaTsufuru War. refresh everyone's MEMORY of that story, I threw this together.

I actuality, I created this more specifically for Karma
For a change, I broke out of my usual habit of having this read right-to-left, so it's read left-to-right as would be done normally. And since I'm terrible at organizing things like this (*recalls History of Animation poster from CAII* >< ), I numbered each piece of the story so it can be read in order because I kind of used a confusing format.
I took all these screenshots MYSELF, by the way, so I’ll be pissed if anyone else takes credit for them...and all the textual retelling of the story is in my own words, as well. Then, just my little logo in the corner there and that’s pretty much it.

So basically, this is just a bit of refference for anyone who either doesn't remember this story or has forgotten that Dragonball Z did NOT begin at the Cell Saga...<_< Sure, it's not much more than a few screenshots and words tossed together on the page, but A), it's meant to further the enjoyment of IGNO, and B) I don't really care if it doesn't look nice, because I'm kinda depressed right now. So, there you go.

...The end.
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