Double Dosage Picture

At this time the characters from this game have become symbolic. now that am older I can see that to my young mind they became integrated into a sort of personal mythology.

The idea for this drawing came after I had drawn Into Asylum, after the Malkavian had entered the asylum or home, this is what happened...

I do quite frequently draw the malkavian female and that is because that is one of the masks my Anima can wear publicly. Anima in the sense written by Carl Jung. I suppose anyone who's had a psyche in turmoil could identify with this character, perfect skin for the Anima to be projected into. We don't know much about her making the possibilities for interpretation very numerous.

And so during this encounter Jeannet/Therese has taken the role of the mother, under which the younger malkavian/anima/soul has taken to further exploration of the mind. The manifestation was of another revelation to me. And he is a Dream Wanderer, magician, transient of the subconscious. Consciously am guessing I am being driven to further explore this realm with all haste, as to who is in the carriage I have a feeling is the light version of my anima, shes been wanting me to draw her for a while now, and I was working on a drawing but it didn't come out right.

This is mostly tentative interpretation, once I've continued my research perhaps my thought will feel more concrete...
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