. v e n u s a n d e r o s. Picture

Prepared to be scared. More genderbending. Though, this isn't as bad as it was in A Whole New World III.

Okay, I was looking at the Cupid and Psyche II picture and I started thinking about Gwen as Venus. Although Gwen is blonde and all, she's not really Zy's mother. But I couldn't bare to think of doing this to Val. He's pretty, but not THAT pretty. If anyone can prove me otherwise and draw Valken as Venus I congratulate you. You'd have to soften his features A LOT. So Xei is stuck as our middleman... er woman. Not that he minds as much as other characters with a huge male ego.

And again.. Zy will be stuck in that outfit for a while. I'm having fun making him pose with other people.
Zyxurq and Xeigle belong to ah la ME. I was lazy... because this was just a doodle I wanted to get out. There's one more Cupid/Eros pic coming up. I'll warn you now that there's more genderbending. And to clear anything else up, genderbending is NOT by any means sexbending.
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