Didn't mean to wake you... (P) Picture

Eros & Psyche, when she realizes her husband is a god and accidentally wakes him up by spilling a drop of candle wax on his shoulder... if you don't know the story, you should read it.
Oh, and for those that haven't read it, an extreemely short summery is as follows:

Aphrodite (Venus in Rome), the goddess of love, is being ignored due to the existance of this absolutely stunning young mortal woman (Psyche), who is being worshipped in the goddess' place. So Aphrodite sends her son, Eros (aka Cupid, who shoots arrows to make people fall in love with each other) in order to make her fall in love with some completely unsuitable guy. Problem being, Eros sees Psyche and immediately falls in love with her. So he secretly sets up a marriage with her (through other people, so no one knows she's going to marry a god).

So, they're married, but she still doesn't know she's married to Eros since he only comes to her during the night, in the dark, and the rest of the time he's off doing godly stuff. Her sisters convince her that he's some weird monster that's going to eat her and that's why he won't let her see his face, and tell her that she should hide a candle stub and take it out after he falls asleep, to see what he looks like. This, mind you, is after Eros tells her that they'll try to convince her to do something like that, and if she does, then he will have to leave her. Still, she lights the candle and looks at him and when she realizes who he is, she can't stop looking at him, and she leans over to kiss him, which causes a drop of hot candle wax to fall on him and wake him up from the pain... and that's where this scene takes place. =] You'll have to read it to find out the rest.
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