Aphrodite Cameo Picture

(Art ©2013 Sarah René Straub. Do not copy or use without my permission.)
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Cameo-style portrait of Aphrodite, Goddess of Beauty and Desire, with red roses (representing love), pearls (her watery origins), thorns (her true nature), and the golden apple of Discord (awarded to her by Paris for being the most beautiful).

For my mythology-fairytale comic in the works "Blind Follies."

**Edit 10/14/2014**
Did yet another re-paint of this piece. I wasn't quite happy with the palette and overwrought textures of the last version. I wanted her to contrast with my Psyche character, so... Lightened the hair (more golden and less brown-auburn). Darkened the skin. Enhanced her makeup, making it more refined and prominent. Changed the color of the roses. Re-did the glow of the apple. Overall gave her a warmth and glow more befitting of her divine nature as the Goddess of Desire.

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