SMOCT3: QDC June Picture

Welcome to Metis' ever-changing color palate! Srsly, I'm terrible at consistency. SMOCT1 she got tanner and tanner as time went on without me even noticing. Don't even get me started on her hair and clothes. XD This is why I'm not picky with other people's versions of my characters... Not even I can keep them straight!

Ok, on to QDC. I skipped the things I couldn't see Psyche doing bc, ya know, she's not really a group-activity kinda gal.

4. Send your favorite tournament-hopeful an encouraging gift. Metis isn't really the encouraging type. And as soon as I saw "gift" I knew the best present someone who isn't really close to Metis is going to get is a freebie on a butt-kicking. Also, I <3 ~UnProdigii's Miran/Marin.

5. Help someone practice their Senshi skills! Here's Psyche being so nice and helpful... Pscyh! Here she is trying real hard to chase *kennasaur's adorable Sailor Scout away, but failing to discourage that scout spirit!

7. Share the story of how you discovered you are a senshi. So Metis pretty much grew up knowing about her powers. I wanted the scout powers to be passed down through her dad, but then I drew and a woman came out. So mom's the former sailor. Ain't lil' Metis CUTE?!

9. Show us a picture of yourself as a child. This is little Sailor Psyche, around 12ish, with her team mates. They're about the same age and would have met to train together. The other two grew up into these people, for the curious: [link]

10. The Queen's Daughters are having a stargazing party! Point out your favorite constellations to your friends. For some reason I feel like a star gazing party on SMOCT is best done in one's jammies. Especially since every get-together there is like one giant girls' sleep over. I tried to make it obvious, but she's looking at Sagittarius. Of course she'd like the hunter. She doesn't know much about the mythology since it's foreign to her, but hey, shooting she's down with.s
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