Flesh Hounds Picture

My original concept artwork of a silent hill canine monster.

Flesh Hounds also called Garmr which is the name of a hellhound associated with Norse mythology.

Can be manifested by those who fear or hate dogs as well as those who have been involved with animal cruelty.

Flesh Hounds appears to be large, hairless demonic canines with decaying rotten skin. It's head appears to be chopped off and replaced with a spherical organ that bares a small hole leaking blood and a large humanoid mouth that when opened with a disturbing grin, reveals a set of human teeths which they use to attack and devour their prey. Their legs are stained in a very dark tone of blood. Their speed and aggressive behavior makes them an intimidating foe to encounter and they often roam in packs. They mainly appear in open areas but sometimes in indoor areas as well, and can be found feeding on corpses. Flesh Hounds are quite sensitive to sounds and when alerted, they tend to howl an also human cry as they move towards their prey to attack. 

Flesh hounds have their heads chopped off, this represents animal cruelty as for the sperical organ baring a humanoid mouth replacing their heads, might be a metaphor of a mirror reflecting the cruelty of an animal abuser. It's face might also serve as a mockery towards those who hate or fear dogs. The hole thats located right above their mouths represents the leakage of the psych of those who encounter them. Sometimes only the alpha and omega will be encountered before silent hill shifts into the other world, hencing that they represent the guardogs of hell.
materials: ball pen, pencil, paper , black paper (frame) and eraser
time: 1 hour
inspiration: Masahiro Ito (the monster designer and art director of the first 3 silent hill)
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