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One of my college works. It´s a blog, and I decided to make it about a fictional author, and his point of view of all myths and legends.

I decided to begin with greek/roman mythology, but I will try to cover mythology and legends from all countries and cultures.

I´d love to share it with you, but unfortunetly I wrote them in Spanish...I hope I can make it in English too, some day.

The third story I submitted: Eros and Psyche.

-Aphrodite & Ares: The goddess of beauty and one of her favorite lovers, Ares, with whom she had three sons; Deimos, Fobos and Eros.
-The Mischievous Cupid: Eros, a first underrated god, who is now feared because of his powerful arrows, that allow him to wake all kinds of love in the hearts of mortals and gods. He helps his mother in transmitting passion in the lives of all living beings.
-Aphrodite Envy's Psyche's Beauty: A king and his wife live with their three daughters. They're all beautiful, but the youngest, Psyche, is the most beautiful one. So much, that Aphrodite becomes jealous of the mortal girl. So, she sends her son to make the young girl fall in love with the most horrible man on earth.
-Eros Aiming The Painful Arrow To Psyche: While Psyche spends time in a meadow, Eros hides in the tree branches and prepares to shoot.
-The Young and Beautiful Psyche: Eros gets to finally see her face, and falls completely and madly in love with her. He takes away the arrow. No arrow was needed, Psyche stole his heart.
-Zephyrus Guides Psyche To The Cave: For some days later, Eros follows Psyche everywhere, and observes her. Many men want to marry Psyche, but she's very shy and introverted, which makes her vain and extroverted sisters take all her suitors away. Psyche is very kind and gentle, and everybody in the town loves her. Her parents are worried that she may never get a husband. They ask the Oracle, which -manipulated by Eros- tells them she will have no mortal lover, but one that is feared by the gods and lives in a certain mountain. Psyche bravely accepts her fate, and goes to the mountains alone. Zephyrus, the wind of the west, blows a strong wind that makes Psyche search for shelter. She finds a cave, and discovers that the inside of the mountain is a palace full of treasures.
-Eros Expresses His Love To Psyche: Inside, Psyche is recieved in the darkness by Eros, who asks her to become his spouse. He makes her promise that, in the time they spend together, she must not light a candle, as if she knows his identity, he will have to leave her -Aphrodite must not know that her son married the young girl she detests-. He gives Psyche many jewels and shows her the palace.
-Psyche's First Kiss: Psyche is insecure about marrying an unknown man, but she feels safe with him, and gives herself to him. For weeks, Eros gets to know her better, they love each other deeply, but he can only see her at nights. He leaves in the morning, and, as time passes, it becomes more difficult for him.
One night, Psyche asks him if she can visit her family, and Eros gives her permission to go whenever she wants.
-Psyche's Sisters Fall From The Mountain: When Psyche meets her family again, she expresses to her parents her happiness. But her sisters make her talk about her husband, and Psyche cannot tell anything about him, because she doesn't know. They convince her that he must be a monster, that she must light a candle to see and kill him if he is, indeed, a monster. Psyche does this the next night. She is amazed to se that her husband is Cupid himself. He wakes up and flies away to keep Psyche safe from his furious mother. The next morning Psyche tells this to her sisters. At night, they both go to the mountain, as they believe Eros will preffer them. Zephyrus doesn't allow them to get into the cave, and blows a strong wing that makes them both fall to death.
-Demeter Disguised as a Mortal: Psyche decides to look for her husband. She travels far, until she reached Demeter's temple. Inside she finds a crying woman who tells her that she's sad because it's the time of the year her daughter goes to the Underworld (the woman is, in fact Demeter, who cries over her daughter Persephone, who is already with her husband, Hades). Psyche misinterprets this, and thinks that maybe the woman's daughter died. She tries to confort her, but she is sad as well, and Demeter asks her why. After Psyche explains her story, Demeter tells her to go find Aphrodite.
-Aphrodite Gives Psyche The Black Box: Psyche travels to Aphrodite's temple. There, the goddess appears to her, and makes her, first, get golden fleece, and later gives her a box. She must travel to the Underworld to ask Persephone for some of her beauty and give it to her in the box, as Aphrodite lost some of her beauty because of the stress of taking care of her depressed and sick of sadness son (this is a lie).
-Persephone Conforts Psyche: Psyche decides that suicide is the quickest way to get to the Underworld, but Zephyrus stops her and guides to another way. In the Underworld, the Queen finds Psyche, scared. Psyche tells her the reasons of why she's there. Persephone, knowing this is a case of true love, conforts her and takes the box. When she goes back to Psyche, she returns the box, warning her that she must not open it and that she must only hand it to Aphrodite, and nobody else.
-Psyche Awakened By Eros: Psyche, now in the living world, forgets Persephone's warning, and decides that, if she takes some of the beauty from the box for herself, Eros will never leave her again. But the box contained a Stygian Sleep, which surprised her and made her faint. Persephone had noticed this trickery, it was from Aphrodite for the young lady, and that's why she warned Psyche.
Eros managed to escape his mother, he finds Psyche, cleans the Stygian Sleep off her eyes, and kisses her.
-Psyche, Eros & Baby Hedone: After waking her, Eros takes Psyche to mount Olympus, where Zeus blesses the couple, gives Psyche immortality and eternal youth, and a pair of crystal, colorful butterfly wings. Eros and Psyche fly to the top of mount Olympus to find Aphrodite, who asks Psyche for forgiveness.
The wedding is celebrated, Aphrodite dances, blah, blah, blah...Psyche becomes the personification of the soul, she has a beautiful daughter with Eros named Hedone, who is the spirit of pleasure, and everybody lived happily ever after.

All are traditional sketches (pencil and paper)...Psyche Awakened By Eros is based on a sculpture by Antonio Canova called "Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss".

Well that was long...Enjoy!
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