Amor und Psyche Picture

Translated title : "Amor and Psych", drawed with pencils (2b-4b).
The dimensions are: 21 cm * 29,7 cm , and i worked on it appr. 10 hours.

This picture was planned and drawed in the month of december, 1998, as a muster for a copperplate - but the etching was never made, because i was to slow in my class, and the printing was maked, when i'm just finished the muster.

On the left side, there's a rest of paper, glued to the picture, because im calculated the dimensions of the bodies wrong. Surely: it disturb the most people - but for the muster it was not important, because: on the copperplate nothing of this would be seen.
Thats one of the facts, on which the viewer can see: that there was no other sketches, before this picture - for the picture.

Pygmalion Faciebat
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