Cupid and Psyche Picture

This (*cough*supercrappyhorriblenasty*cough*) piece was for, what my teacher called, the Master Copy project. Worth 200 points, we had to take a painting from a famed painter on a list and reproduce their work on a 22"x32" Reeves sheet. 'course, the picture we were using had to be proportional, should we choose to grid our work down.

It was done in pastels. I sincerely wished, almost half-way through this, I had picked something bigger and less... busy. Of course, one girl picked an almost Impressionist piece and that would have frustrated the bejeezus out of me.

Lastly, if you're interested in old love stories, this mythological story is a sweet, if a bit vain and conceited, one. Wikipedia's never let anyone down.
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