Butterfly Psyche Picture

Okay so I lied--this one wasn't flipped upside down either! I'm glad. :3 Hopefully the other ones stop malfunctioning and I can put those up too. D:

This one was done with conte too, but on a illustration board. I did this...three days ago? Yeah, I think so. :3 It took me a little less than an hour and a half.

So Psyche was a princess who was married to Cupid/Eros, except she wasn't allowed to see his face; he didn't want her to know he was a god. He would come at night to their castle and meet his wife. But seeing how happy Psyche was, her two older sisters taunted her and said that her husband was probably a hideous monster. So that night Psyche lit a lamp when Cupid was sleeping--and was shocked to see that her husband was Cupid. In her surprise she spilled a drop of oil on him--and he woke up.

Seeing that she had broken their promise to never look upon his face, he left her in anguish. Psyche was left to wander the earth in grief, searching for her husband. Her symbol is the butterfly, which was thought to be wandering souls. So here is Psyche. ;D
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