A drop of hot wax Picture

For many months Psyche was content to live with a lovely husband in a beautiful castle, although she had never seen her husband's face.

One day, Psyche's sisters visited her new home. The two sisters became very jealous of Psyche's good fortune and they began to ask all kinds of questions about her mysterious husband. Psyche became confused which caused her to give contradictory answers. The sisters pointed out her errors, and cried out, "If we hadn't known any better, we would have thought he must be very ugly indeed!"
Psyche finally admits the truth, and it doesn't take the sisters very long to persuade Psyche that her mysterious husband had to be a terrible monster, who would kill her as soon as she would do something wrong.
They handed her a candle and a knife, and they told her to wait until he was asleep, and to take a look at the one in her bed. If he was the terrible monster they assumed he was, Psyche had to kill him before he would do the same to her.

That night, Psyche took her candle and knife and approached her sleeping husband, a creature surrounded by dark shadows. But when she came closer, the dark shadows appeared to be white wings and she was shocked to see the figure of the god of love himself in her bed. But she was so mesmerized by what she saw, she didn't notice a drop of wax to land on his shoulder.

The god awakened by the drop of wax and cried out in dissapointment and pain. "Why? I gave you all I had and only asked you to trust me." Psyche started to cry but he elivated into the sky, sadly saying "Where there's no trust, there cannot be true love." Then he flew into the night, leaving Psyche heartbroken and alone.
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