Eros and Psyche -Eros Facial Picture

The 2nd in the conceptual art project...

Here's Danny... uhhh I mean Eros *blushes* Yes This is EROS aka Cupid (in Roman Mythology)... I learned that in Greek mythology Eros was not the winged baby that everyone seems to associate with Cupid, but he was a very handsome specimen of a man
Anyways, this was an interesting one to draw because the reference picture I used, Danny had his glasses on, so I had to take those out and his scars (I like his scars.... they're just so Danny!) and I had to make up his hair... I know that he used to have longer hair and that it did have some wavey-ness/curl, but it wasn't near the Ancient Greek curl I was looking for and now he has Army hair, so he doesn't have much hair at all... I don't care for the hair myself (it's blonde by the way)...perhaps I'm just too attached to his short hair, but oh well, Good Enough!
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