Avengers Neo- Psyche Picture

This is a picture of a character from my Marvel/Power Rangers/TMNT fanfiction story world.
Decided to finish off some pictures of the Greek gods in my Marvel inspired Olympian pantheon.
This is Psyche, the Goddess who represented the human soul and sense of self in ancient Greek and Roman mythology. She was once a mortal, but very lovely, human princess, but when Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, grew jealous of her beauty that lead to neglect of her worship, she sent her son Cupid to punish her by forcing her to fall in love with a very ugly creature. Instead, Cupid fell in love with Psyche, and spirited her away to a temple, where he kept his identity secret from her, romancing her only in the dark. When Psyche's sisters were allowed to visit her, they convinced her to seek out the identity of her secret lover, causing her to light a lantern at night to learn his identity, but accidentally burned him, causing Cupid to flee. Left alone, she wandered the land, looking for his lost love, and when she did a good deed for Demeter's shrine, the goddess came to her and told her to go and see Venus at her shrine, and seek her approval to see her son again. Venus put forth a series of difficult tasks for Psyche, but she was helped by other gods and simple creatures who took pity on her. Her final task took her into the Underworld to gain the tears of Persephone, but she managed to sneak by Cerberus by bribing it with honey cake. After completing her final task, Zeus himself was impressed with all the mortal woman had done, and so Venus relented and allowed his son to marry her. She was presented with Ambrosia, the food of the gods, and ascended to godhood alongside her husband, gaining butterfly wings in the process. Together, they had a daughter named Hedone.
Psyhe possesses all the standard powers of an Olympian, being immortal and physically very strong. In addition, she can fly on her butterfly wings, and as a representative of the mortal soul and sense of self, she has many powers to raise moral and inspire individuals to great things. She is also a very skilled individual, as she completed many skills while mortal, often without having to fight or skill, often only on her wits or through favours she earned through acts of kindness.
I made this picture from Dolls I found here www.angelfire.com/on3/lilyshan… by the artist Lilly and it is used with permission.
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