Simona's Mythology Class Assignment 1 (AoO) Picture

*Simona walks in wearing some costume angel/cupid wings on her back. The wings are attached to her like a backpack*

So for my lil' Mythology presentation for Mr. William's class... I'd like to share my favorite Greek myth: Cupid and Psyche! ^^

Cupid and Psyche is a great little myth about the Greek love god angel Cupid, and a pretty girl named Psyche!
So, Cupid was sent on a love-prank mission to make Psyche fall in love with some animal by pricking Psyche with one of his love-arrows while she looked at the animal... but Cupid accidentally pricked himself with one of his arrows while he was looking at Psyche! Oh no! So now Cupid had fallen head over heels in love with her!!
Long story short, Psyche also accidentally pricks herself with a love-arrow, and falls madly in love with Cupid... but this whole thing of CupidXPsyche doesn't really please Cupid's mother, Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty.
So, Psyche has to do this 'shopping list of perilous quests' for Aphrodite, Psyche almost dies when completing the last item on the list, Cupid saves her just in time, Aphrodite blesses the couple, and then Cupid and Psyche get married, Psyche becomes an immortal, and they live happily ever after!
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