I'll be your Psyche Picture

I read the myth of Psyche and Cupid and it is absolutely great.

Psyche is Cupid's lover and he gave her everything. But in return he only asks her to never see him. One day she asks if her two other sisters can visit her. When they arrive they are jealous of her position. Nice house, Beauty, A husband. They ask where he is and she tells them she has never seen him before. Then they tell Psyche that he is a hidious monster that will eat her. They tell her to see him when he is sleeping and cut his head off. That night she slips into his room and with an oil lamp sees him but instead sees his beautiful face with golden ringlets and snow white wings fanned out. Some of the oil spilt on his shoulder and woke him up.

That's just the first half, but it's a great little myth.
This picture just demonstrates (me as pysche) dreaming of what he looks like but not truely seeing him. I'm sure she had to wear a blindfold.

ANY mythology fanatic would know who the two crows are. I'll give you a hint. "Odin"
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