Psyche Rinn Picture

Psyche's an old character I made back since I could remember. she's psychic and her name was originally spelled Psy-kei and I at first made her an echidna back when I was into the Sonic Archie comics. I then turned her human and I made her serious at first but decided to make her a nice happy person, pretty much like I did with Dark. she has gone through many makeovers and I love her clothes.

the reason her name was originally spelled Psy-kei was because I was really into reading Greek Mythology and I loved the story of Eros and Psyche and I wanted a character name Psyche but I could not remember how her name was spelled so I at first had it spelled 'Psy-key' then later I dropped the y and added the i and now I'm keeping her name spelled Psyche.

I love the pose but for some reason I don't like how her face came out...

Psyche Rinn is © me.
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