COTT -- Canova Eros and Psyche Picture

In my usual tradition of drawing 'Class of the Titans' holiday special fanart without having watched the episode in question, here's a parody of Canova's classic 'Cupid and Psyche' sculpture using the cartoon's interpretations of Eros and Psyche (I can't be the only person who was thinking of it, right?).

This is NOT meant to be a reference to real mythology, so please don't leave comment like 'But Eros isn't balding and fat!' or 'Why are they wearing matching tracksuits?' I didn't come-up with these designs. Also, thanks to the director's blog for the character references and Google Images for photos of the actual statue.

These interpretations of Eros and Psyche (c) Studio B, Nelvana, and Teletoon.
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